Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot log in? I cannot find my ticket code?

Please use the full ticket code (12 numbers) to log in.

When you buy a festival ticket via Stager, it is the number written down as “ticket”. For an example, see below

On what devices can I use my ticket to view the expo?

We highly recommend visiting the expo on a desktop or laptop device. Other devices may be possible, but the works are built for these devices.

Which internet browser is preferred?

The artworks are built to use on Chrome and Firefox, so we recommend these. It may also work on Safari and other browsers.

Is there a limit to how many times I can log in on STRP Festival 2021?

With your personal ticket, you can visit the Festival as many times as you want during 3 to 6 June.

Why do I need to log in several times?

Our STRP Expo is hosted on another area of our website than the Livestreams of the Scenarios. This means we need to verify your ticket code again, when you switch between the areas.

Does my log in with the ticket code expire?

No, the ticket code is stored, which means you do not need to log in over and over again.

What are the opening times of STRP Festival?

Due to STRP Festival being online, we are open 24-7!

We start at Wednesday June 2 at 21.30h and it lasts until Sunday June 6 midnight CEST. Do we see you in the bar :) ?

What is the bar?

The bar is an online area where you can meet with other visitors.


Does STRP host any FREE activities during STRP Festival 2021?

Yes, our opening on June 2 is for free for everyone. Click on STRP Festival Opening – Distant Thoughts and register to join!

What parts of STRP Festival can I visit with my ticket?

You can visit the entire program of STRP Festival 2021. STRP Festival 2021 contains the STRP Expo with bar and tour, and the STRP Scenario's.

The opening event on June 2 is open to everyone, but please register.

For Conversations on Collectivity registering is also needed and it has limited seats.

Where can I buy tickets?
Until when can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets until Sunday June 6 at 00.00h CEST. However we recommend you to use all 4 festival days to fully enjoy the program.

I can't find my ticket anywhere, what now? I lost my ticket, how do I solve this?

If you lost your ticket, or you never received an e-mail from Stager, please then check your Spam inbox first, the ticket might be there.
If you need further assistance related to ticketing, you can mail us on:

I didn't receive a ticket. Can you help out?

Please check your spam inbox first. Tickets will be send via Stager. If you can’t find your ticket please contact:

I bought a ticket but can't use it due to personal circumstances. Can I get my money back?

Each refund is handled separately and assessed by STRP. Contact:

Note that we cannot refund the service costs of the ticket. These costs already have been incurred.

Can I get a discount?

There are no special discounts. A ticket is 10 euros for the entire STRP Festival 2021 experience.

For information about programs and tickets for education, please contact:

I have other questions about the tickets, what can I do?

Send an e-mail to:

Other information

I want more of STRP. What do I do?

Our events will be posted on Events. We also recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter with a click here. Our follow us on our socials.

Are there any offline events?

During the festival of 2021 all events are online. We will be back soon with events in Eindhoven center.

Terms & Conditions

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?


I want to contact somebody at STRP, how do I contact him/her?

Please check the e-mail adresses of the STRP team here.

I am from the Press. Who do I contact?

Please sent your mail to;


Where can I find more information about STRP Festival 2021?
In what language is STRP Festival? Why is everything in English?

Our main language is English. We would like to provide our festival to a broad audience, also including everyone that doesn't speak Dutch. Also we like to show art work made by international artist.